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ABC diet like every low calorie health diet is risky, as you don’t actually loose body fat as it appears but water instead. During the diet period your body will get use to save energy as the calorie intake is minimal. When you finish the ABC diet your body will continue to save the calories and store even more body fat than before, therefore you actually gain more weight than you lost.

Low blood sugar is one risk of the ABC diet and leads to low energy levels. Hence it is likely that you experience dizziness. The risk of losing muscle mass and osteoporosis is very high and due to deficiency of necessary vitamins even organ damage can be caused too. There are other risks of the diet too:


  • Malnutrition
  • Fatigue
  • A learned obsession with calories, fat and sugar intakes
  • Paranoia
  • Sensitivity to cold temperatures
  • Depression
  • An increased likelihood to participate in other dangerous eating rituals